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Leak detection Leak Detection Pros uses the latest electronic listening equipment, thermography and intert gas charging equipment to pinpoint difficult leaks. Our extensive arsenal of sophisticated, highly specialized equipment allows us to actually see and hear what's going on underground, and enables us to deliver clear and concise answers to even the most challenging problems. We also offer smoke testing of sewer systems to find leaks and smells in waste and venting systems.

Utility locating We can locate a variety of utilities including water, gas and sewer lines. Using multiple active frequencies and sondes, buried utility lines can be located for repairs or to avoid them during construction.

Video inspection Leak Detection Pros has two different camera systems and can televise a line from 3” up to 8”, 500 feet long. We provide a dvd recording and written report - on the job if requested. This is an invaluable service for presale inspections on homes or to correct ongoing problems in existing sewer systems.

Who needs inspection?

The simple answer is that everyone can benefit from periodic inspection.

The white pipe to the left is from the sewer system of a house that was only six years old at the time this was discovered. During a routine inspection, we discovered a hole in the sewer that had been there since the house was built. It hadn’t caused any problems yet, but if we didn’t find it when we did, it would not have been under the warranty to get it fixed [10 years in California].

We discovered that the sewer was actually 5 feet away from the mark on the curb and the builders had drilled through the top when they installed a light post. Since they didn’t drill all the way through, the pipe still worked, but would have failed down the line. Since we discovered it with the camera the inconvenience of an emergency repair was avoided and as we mentioned it was still under warranty.

Remember, not only do old pipes need to be surveyed, such as at the time of sale, but so do newer pipes. Any home can potentially have a broken line and benefit from video inspection.