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Every job requires the correct equipment. Here are just some of the tools used by Leak Detection Pros.

Infrared Camera System
  • Thermography is the use of an infrared imaging and measurement camera to "see" and "measure" thermal energy emitted from an object.
  • Even very cold objects, like ice cubes, emit thermal energy. The higher the object's temperature, the greater the IR radiation emitted.
  • We use this to "see" leaks in pipes.

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Helium Injection/Tracing System
  • We use helium for verifying a leak. When we arrive on a job we trace the line, listen with the water on, and then use air or inert gases to help pinpoint the sound of the leak.
  • When we think we have the leak, we introduce helium in the line and use a helium detector to verify the leak.
  • Since this helium detector reads in parts per million we get a very accurate reading of how close we are to the leak. We also use helium on large volume systems or for searching a large area.

Water Leak Detectors
  • Using ground microphones and a leak noise correlator we listen at two points on a pipe and comparing the leak noise. It then uses a computer that we input the type of pipe, diameter and exact length. It correlates the leak noise and pinpoints the exact location of the leak between the two points.
  • It is particularly useful for surveys on larger pipe systems and municipal work. One of the big advantages is that it listens directly on the pipe so it "hears" the leak more clearly and pinpoints the location more accurately.

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Leak Noise Correlator

Radio Detection System
  • Using high-end pipe and cable locations, we can determine the precise location of cables and pipes.

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Smoke Testing System
  • Smoke testing is a visual indicator of leaking vapor and has become a world-wide standard for finding leaks and cross connections in sewer and plumbing systems.
  • By forcing safe and clean non-toxic liquid smoke through sewer and plumbing systems, leaks can quickly be detected as smoke escapes through problem areas.

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Video Inspection System
  • High capacity video inspection and DVD recording
  • Capability of up to 500 feet of 4" -8" pipe

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