Leak Detection Pros
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About Us

Leak Detection Pros utilizes 20 years of industry experience and an arsenal of cutting edge, high-tech equipment including ultra-sonic detectors, a helium injection/tracing system and specialized video (with a capacity for inspecting up to 500' of 4", 6", and 8" sewer line). We pinpoint difficult leaks, locate all types of utilities, conduct televised inspections of the lateral lines between your property and the street, and even identify concealed leaks in swimming pools.

When accuracy counts, you can count on us. We conduct thorough inspections and provide comprehensive and unbiased reports you and your plumbing professional can rely on. Whether you're experiencing a problem or trying to avoid one, we can help.

We also carry full commercial liability insurance, for those large commercial clients that require it. Because we do not provide repairs, we are not in competition with other contractors. We provide services and unbiased reports primarily to industry and commercial accounts. We are not in the repair business, which means we keep a tight focus on doing what we do best, conducting thorough, reliable and professional inspections.

“Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We will be there when you need us and do the job right - the first time. You have my word on it.” Mark Mengarelli, President

Leak Detection Pros is a registered trademark of Leak Detection Pros Inc.